During a vacation to Singapore, I met an expatriate couple on assignment. They relayed their frustration in having to report to the IRS as income the $5,000 they received from their company to purchase a television and other electronic appliances. The couple believed it unfair they had to purchase these items because the voltage in Singapore is incompatible with the phases used in the U.S. At that point, I asked why their company didn’t just rent those items. It was then that I learned that there was no place in Singapore to rent electronics and appliances."

That chance exchange initiated the concept for Home Essentials.
Christopher Exline - President & CEO

From the opening of our Singapore showroom in June 1997, Home Essentials has adopted a pioneering spirit that emboldened our expansion. Since then has grown and evolved into the world’s most popular furniture leasing concern with operations spanning Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

In June 1998, Home Essentials opened its flagship location in Hong Kong. As the first furniture leasing company in Hong Kong, Home Essentials ushered in a entirely new way for companies to ease the burdens of relocating expatriates thereby changing the way companies did business. Home Essentials also initiated the fully furnished show home on a rental basis affording landlords and developers a cost effective alternative to purchasing. The innovation in Hong Kong continues with the addition of the Laura Ashley interior design team to Home Essentials providing our customers with an ever expanding range of options. Home Essentials Hong Kong remains the most successful rental operation in the history of rental purchase.

This acted as the catalyst for our entrance into the Middle East. Commencing in Dubai, UAE in September, 2003, Home Essentials became the 1st furniture leasing company in the Middle East. More significantly was the entrance into Iraq shortly thereafter. In October, Home Essentials began shipping furniture into Baghdad for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). With a showroom opening in February, 2004, Home Essentials becomes the 1st US small business to establish operations in post conflict Iraq. We are proud of our role in the reconstruction of Iraq. In the coming years, Home Essentials will enable local Iraqi businesses implement improved systems and marketing.

The success of our core operations in Hong Kong and Singapore and beyond could not occur without excellent team members and loyal customers. Our employees represent the finest in customer service and dedication to detail. They continuously seek ways to provide a higher standard of service. Their efforts engender the good will with customers that propel any growth. We are blessed to have a loyal group of customers.

From this base, we approach the future with unbridled optimism. Our business plan calls for expansion into multiple countries over the next 5 years. All of this is possible from a team convicted with the overriding passion to furnish solutions.

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